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A portal, a spiritual calling for the people of African descent and lovers of Africa from all over the world to come and be part of the African experience.

About Motherland Beckons

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Motherland Beckons offers tailor-made exciting tours to Africa. Get familiar with African Cultural Festivals, discover the various Safaris, and get to know the culture, view artifacts, her art and much more.

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Be it exciting tours, hotel and resort accommodation, conference handling for individuals and groups to the five regions of Africa. Get-away to exciting places on the continent, Motherland Beckons is poised to make sure you have an exciting return to Africa.   Motherlandbeckons, is a holistic platform of showcasing the very abundant wealth of Africa

Motherland Beckons is a portal, a spiritual calling for the people of African descent and lovers of Africa from all over the world to come and be part of the African experience through traveling and to indirectly impact on the economic development of the continent and thereby empowering themselves economically by taking advantage of the vast opportunities embedded in Africa.

Africa in View

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Africa is a vast continent made up of predominantly African people. It has an area of 12 million square miles making it more than three times the size of United States of America including Alaska.
Today, with the use of advanced communication gadgets, there is hardly any part of the African continent that is out of reach from the rest of the world, therefore the traditional richness of African culture and its arts are accessible to all adventure travelers.
Africa is no longer the commonly visualized land covered with jungle or desert as erroneously misconceived by the west.

Motherland Beckons presents to you a pot-puree of mind blowing yearly activities of interest.
Every year is filled with events, festivals and activities which culminate towards the end of the year. It's a time to leave the snowy regions, its an invitation to Africa, a call to abundance of sunshine, festivals and tourism.

The Land... Experience an unexplainable urge to explore. Learn from the cradle of modern civilization...
Africa: a vast land, covering 30.2 million km² of land, the second largest continent in the world. She is undergoing developmental process but its rich culture and tradition still remains the cradle of our existence. Africa is a continent of hospitable and accommodating people, a land divided into 5 regions; East Africa, West Africa, North Africa, South Africa and Central Africa.

Motherland Beckons invites you and your loved ones to catch memorable experiences from the land known as the cradle of civilization.
Across the land, Africa has rich cultural festivals happening through her length and breadth. There are various safari experiences on the continent with great sandy and sunny beaches.

Accommodation... You can also look forward to an impeccable elegant five star hotel accommodation, African art assemblages with excellent service, gourmet cuisine on your African holiday.

Security...  To guarantee your peace and safety on the continent, Motherland Beckons' security comprises private and public security operatives.
It’s time to heed the call and Explore Africa.