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Entrepreneur Grooming

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HURP:...: The Concept

The physically challenged are taken through seminars on business and hand crafts and are afterwards attached to an on-going business to help nurture and groom their skills

Celebration of Pioneers

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HURP:...: The Concept

Celebration of individuals who have made a mark in the nation.
First doctors
First female pilot, etc.

Vocational Centres

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Vocational Centres in Honour of some Nigerian Cultural Giants

  • Setting up the Wole Soyinka Centre.
  • Setting up the Chinua Achebe complex.
  • Setting up the Dan Maraya Jos music academy.
  • Setting up the Prince Nico Mbarga musical school.
  • Setting up the King Sunny Ade musical school.

20% of the funds generated from these institutions will accrue to the estates of these great Nigerians.