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Secondary School Award

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HURP:...: The Concept

The celebration and Honour of the best Secondary school student for the Anniversary Year in each of the subjects offered by WAEC.   This activation shall be organized by the National Orientation Agency.
Best Student Anniversary Year Award will be given to students in each of the subjects offered in our secondary schools as follows: 

Best Student will get sponsorship/scholarship up to Ph.D level.

2nd Best Student will get sponsorship/scholarship to First Degree level


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HURP:...: The Concept

Three kinds of hosing will take place nationwide:
Rural: Indigenes of one rural area will host indigenes from another rural area.
Cosmopolitan: Residents of one metropolis will host residents from another city across the country.
Professional: individuals of a certain profession will host their counterparts from another state in the federation.

Display of Traditional Regalia

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Each kingdom across the country will be asked to donate 2 regalias of their previous kings to be displayed during the one year celebration period.
Here, relics some of Nigeria’s Nationalists will be displayed i.e.

  • Awolowo’s glasses
  • Azikiwe’s suits and ties
  • Tafawa Balewa’s vehicle

Nigerian foods will be exhibited in each state of the Federation and the FCT.